October is Witching Season and I Think I’ve Been Hexed

Photo by James Kemp on Unsplash

It’s been a weird couple days. In the past 24 hours (in order of events):

  • I’ve been battling a wicked sinus infection, leading to daily migraines.
  • My business instagram and facebook accounts were hacked (with the hackers deleting entirely a vibrant instagram account).
  • An embezzling former employee reared up her head again and caused some low-grade mischief.
  • The instagram hackers emailed half a dozen times demanding I pay a ransom
  • I filed a report on Instagram and Facebook about the hack
  • The wifi at the bake shop died and though we spent 5 hours trying, we couldn’t get it to come back on.
  • A customer who didn’t place a pre-order for her wedding, but had a tasting-consultation 22 months ago decided yesterday that she wanted a wedding cake for this weekend and freaked out that we’re all booked up.
  • The thermostat died and the temperature inside climbed steadily until it was warm enough the that buttercream on the cakes and cupcakes began wilting, and then melting.
  • We replaced the batteries and checked the wiring in the thermostat. Nothing.
  • Instagram referred me to the Department of Justice.
  • The DOJ referred me to the FBI.
  • Somewhere in there (and it’s jumbled in my mind), I ran over my foot with a full heavy recycling bin and broke my baby toe.
  • A little bird flew in my house when I left the door open for my dog to go out.
  • It took my three hours to notice said bird, who was cowering (and pooping) on my couch.

BUT! I figured out my secret power in all this hullabaloo: I can find a silver lining in any situation. Yes, even this absurdity. And the silver lining is that maybe I’m numb. Maybe I’m depressed. Maybe I’m so broken from the events of the past year and half that nothing surprises me anymore, but I didn’t once break down, or even swear (actually, this last one might be a lie…I might have called the hackers “those f*ckers.” I can’t remember). I shook my head—angry, irritated, enraged—but I kept plugging away, trying to figure out how to solve one challenge after another.

So maybe I’ve been hexed. Maybe I’m broken. Maybe I’m just stronger and more resilient than I thought I could be.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be lounging in a salt bath and burning copious amounts of sage and researching how to break hexes. Advice welcome.



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Kyra Bussanich

Kyra Bussanich

Entrepreneur, professional pastry chef, and author with an interest in psychology, relationships, simple pleasures, healing, and what connects us.